Para Loft Source List

Multiple Items

Para-Gear Co. Inc.

3839 West Oakton St
Skokie, IL 60076-3438
Phone: 847.679.5905
Fax: 847.679.8644

COMMENT: Great Catalog Will sell in small or large quantities.

United Parachute Technologies

1645 Lexington Ave
Deland, FL 32724
Phone: 386.736.7589
Fax: 386.734.7537

COMMENT: They will sell anything that is used to make Vectors in any quantity.

DJ & Associates

6411 South Zero St
Fort Smith, AR 72903
Phone: 479.452.3987
Fax: 479.452.7752

COMMENT: Good Catalog - They are the source for the 12 packs of 1 oz thread in multiple colors. Also carry hardware, webbing, tape, etc.

Textile Commission Inc.

5301 Tacony Street
Bldg. 201
PO Box 130
Philadelphia, PA 19137-2307
Phone: 215.533.1501

COMMENTS: Good catalog - Carry marine/awning type items. Good source for raw hide mallets. Heavy fabrics etc.