Paraloft - Rigging Tips

Making a Slider



Using pre-shrunk (light weight) nylon tape 3"



Bally Mills item #7282

Para Gear item #W9878


Note: You must use at least 3 plys of this tape in the corners for the grommets to hold and you must allow for shrinkage (usually about 3/4" but it can vary)


Method 1:

Cut fabric to overlap the tape framework 1/2" on each side and fold in and under the tape while sewing it on.


Method 2:

Lay framework of tape on the fabric and hot knife about 1/16" off the tape which welds the tape to the fabric.  Bind all around.


Complete by sewing the tape on both sides with an 'X' in the corners.


Install grommets - use emery cloth to take the rough edges off the edge of the barrel to prevent splitting.




Use 525 Dacron line (may use 900 line if needed)






7282   2" nylon tape folded back to a 1 5/8" line and fold again.  Or canopy material folded back with Type III tape sewn to the end.  Sew or Bar tack as shown.







Use 525 Dacron


Finger trap nib 2 1/2" from one end (may be up to 4")  Sew in.  Sew line onto slider at the back side.


Extend to the front of the slider and mark the line at the front edge of the slider.  Then a mark 1 1/4" farther out on the line.  Finger trap the line to form a loop (you can install tab at this time) by inserting fid on the side of the line so the loop lays flat.  Match up the 1 1/4" marks.






Type III 3/4" tape


Mark a line 1/4" in on the tape.  Fold over and sew across the 1/4" line.  Push the 1/4" section up into the middle forming a tab that is smooth.  Sew or bar tack.